Foster Care Training

Training on offer with the Parent and Child Fostering Service is extensive and covers a wide range of topics including:

The 'Skills to Foster' Course

The 4 days Skills to Foster training is aimed at prospective foster carers and incorporates important elements which are applicable specifically to parent and child fostering as well as ‘mainstream’ fostering. Key information on what fostering entails, fostering legislation, the potential challenges for foster carers, what is available as support, remuneration and training and other aspects of the fostering task are highlighted. The training will also help prospective candidates decide whether fostering as a career is indeed a step they wish to pursue.

Principles of Care in context of foster placement

Introduces key principles of care and its importance in the care and support of vulnerable children and young people in foster placement care.

Providing a safe and caring environment

Focuses on causes of insecure attachment and reason for parent and baby placement.How to support and model parenting, foster good standards of care which promotes secure attachment as well as healthy emotional, physical, sexual and intellectual development throughout childhood and into adulthood.

Building resilience

Focuses on how staff and foster carers can use resilience factors to help deal with stressful events.

Managing Challenging Behaviour

This course focuses on tips and helpful techniques and strategies for carers as they care for the more challenging child / young person placed.

Working as part of a team

Focuses on carer’s ability to work with other individuals and to act as advocate for child/young person. Also looks at carer’s ability to communicate effectively and understand the implications of effects of discrimination and racism.

Protecting children from abuse and neglect

This explores how to recognize signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect. It highlights processes which are in place to respond to these including how carers should respond. This course is relevant for PACFS foster carers, social workers and unqualified staff.

First Aid Training

Introduces knowledge of first aid and its application in foster placement.