Parent and Child Fostering Service Ltd (PACFS)

Our primary aim is to provide effective fostering services which enhances the life chances and opportunities of children and young people in our foster placements

Support and Renumeration

Fostering can be both a rewarding and challenging experience and we recognise that remuneration is important for everyone who fosters, although this should not be the main motivation.

At PACFS, although primarily a provision for Parent and Child foster placements, we also provide a range of services which potential carers can choose from.

In addition, our foster carers come from a wide variety of backgrounds with a wealth of life experiences and relevant skills to offer children/young people.

Having a criminal record does not automatically exclude a person from becoming a foster carer with us, however certain offences or circumstances will affect the progression of a person’s application.

Our foster carers have access to the following:-

  • Regular support and visits from an appropriately qualified Social Worker.
  • Additional wilful damage Insurance cover on your home.
  • A regular programme of training delivered to meet carers’ needs.
  • Regular support group meetings.
  • Consultation in relation to the function and operation of the Agency.
  • Organised activities for children.
  • The Director and Registered Manager of the service.
  • Specialist skills training.
  • Financial remuneration which recognises carer skills and experience.
  • Support and assistance with enrolling children in local schools, registration with GPs etc.
  • Additional resources to support the child in the placement as necessary.