What is fostering?

The main requirement of a foster carer is to offer a safe caring and nurturing family environment to children and families placed in their care as part of a fostering household.  At PACFS our specialism is parent and child placements. This is where a parent/s often a mother and their babies come to stay in a fostering home so they can be provided with extra support.  Our foster families are specially trained and supported to work closely with parents/families to help them care for their babies.  We promote the welfare of families, in a nurturing foster family home/environment where parents are encouraged to provide good and safe care to their child or children and supported to work through the identified issues that hinder them from providing safe and responsible parenting. 

PACFS also offer safe and family environment to individual child or young person who is unable to be cared for by their birth parent/s or by their birth family for a variety of reasons.  This may involve the foster carer looking after the child or young person for a short period or for much longer depending on their individual background and circumstance.

If you feel you have the ability to become a foster carer then please talk to the placement service team at Parent and Child Fostering Service Ltd. Whatever your religious or ethnic background, whether you are married, single, or in a same sex relationship, if you can demonstrate to us that you can help support a child placed into your care then we can work together.

Staff will talk to you about the training opportunities which will help give you the confidence and competence to foster vulnerable children. They will also talk to you about the financial and support package we offer our carers. You can request our information pack which provides you with a lot of information about the unique rewards.